Beyond the Tsunami
-Onagawa, Hearts Connected-

We are survivors
Our passion
Will never die



This is a documentary about the ultimate human strength in the strong commitment to recovery in Onagawa, Miyagi.

Onagawa is the front-runner of the recovery from East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami. We witness the hardships and joy that come with recreating a new town.

To start again after too much was lost
The aid from Qatar was the light of hope
The young generation as leaders on the road to recovery
Tears, anger, and laughter!
A small bud of hope, now about to bloom

Onagawa was not washed away
The ocean, still an integral part of life
A new Onagawa is born


Onagawa, Miyagi, is a fishing town on the Ojika Peninsula, famous for its large Sanma Saury catch. The last train stop on the Ishinomaki Line, Onagawa was long known as a beautiful port town, blessed with bountiful nature. Until, that day…

The people of Onagawa will speak of ‘that day’, March 11th, 2011 for decades and centuries to come. Close to 10% of the population was lost, over 80% of the residents lost homes. Of all the Tsunami affected areas, Onagawa took the biggest hit. The center of the town was completely engulfed in the tsunami ? there was nothing more to be lost.

How does one rise from such state of despair?

The first light of hope arrived from Qatar. With a history of success in fishery, Qatar set up a fund to aid the Tsunami victims, which funded the construction of ‘MASKAR’, a multifunctional fishery processing facility. Next came the unique thinking and fast action by the town and the effort of the young leaders of the town, who still remain diligent 5 years after the disaster. Their teamwork and outsiders who came to the aid brought on a synergy effect, spreading across Japan.

This is the story of Onagawa, on its road to recovery.